About Us

The Hitch'n Post owner and operator Pam Williams built this facility in 1997. Pam has been a dog behaviorist and trainer for more then 35 years, her main goal in life is to help people become good pet owners and to be able to live in harmony with their dogs. She has always been concerned with the over crowding and revolving doors at the animal shelters, people return dogs mostly due to a lack of understanding of their pet. Pam believes that by educating the owner and teaching them how to be good pack leaders they will understand and enjoyy their companions and both will enjoy a quality life together.

Pam is also involed in K-9 Search & Rescue and has trained search dogs for the past 6 years. Cowboy is her current search dog, he is certified for Air Scent, Cadaver, & Water Search. She is also Training a young Lab named Maggie that was adopted from the shelter; Maggie is turning out to be a fine search dog.

The Hitch'n Post offers Dog & Cat Boarding, Grooming, Dog food, and training equipment.

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Gearing up for the Holidays!

We now carry Taste of the Wild!

We are the only place to carry Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul.