The Hitch'n Post


Hello and welcome to The Hitch'n Post! We provide quality care and love for your pets.

We have Boarding, Grooming, and Training Facilities. As well as toys, dry and wet food for your pets.

Hitch'n Post Shepherds

We have GSD 5 pups for sale.

We don't let our pups go until they are at least 3 1/2 months old. We have found that by waiting to sell our pups at this age they are healthier, stronger, good steady nerves. They have a better social foundation. They come to work with us and go home at night. We take our pups to events and expose them to sights, sounds, people etc. These pups were born April 26 TH and have had all shots (except rabies). Due claws have been done. All are being trained in basic obedience Sit,stay,down,come,heel. House braking.

Mother is Certified Search & Rescue K9 East German/ Czech breeding Father is head herding dog on large cattle ranch American/ German breeding Pups come with health grantee/contract for hips & elbows

Great working drives.

News & Stuff

Gearing up for the Holidays!

We now carry Taste of the Wild!

We are the only place to carry Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul.